Even though I hope it happens, I don't think it will.

Barry wondered what it was.

Tuan went to the window and opened it.

Describe her.

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What do you guys think of Siegurd?


With these new boots of mine, I hope to knock them dead.

He can't do that.

I promise to leave them alone.

Don't send that letter.

I'm sure I can persuade Sri to donate some money.


That was clever.

Magical are the straight lines in how they perturb the curved ones, aggravate their distortion and make them look more zigzagged, revealing their deceptive appearance.

We need to finish this.

We're pretty good at what we do.

Their house is near here.

Norbert and No got married without their parents' consent.

I'm staying with them.

I work as a slave 10 hours a day.

Whose handbag is this?

Jeany is watching the news on TV.

I think everybody's tired.


You could see the oblong shape of the rat as it passed down the snake's gullet.

That's good news to me.

We can't leave Roger like this.

It won't do any good.

You should make sure your children are eating enough.


Another ten minutes' walk brought us to the shore.

Please relax your sitting position and feel free to stretch your legs.

She won first prize in the speech contest.

How much rent do you pay?

This happened before.

The plane took off more than two hours behind schedule.

You're interested in a career in foreign relations, aren't you?


She held him like mother gorillas hold their babies.

I was your age when I came to Boston.

You aren't late.

He thinks that I am in love with her.

Just stay the way you are.

Don't be modest!

Why don't you trust him?

Where did you buy your book bag?

You're the prettiest girl in town.


The whale shark is the largest shark in the world.

I'm not very good at chess.

Life is the grave in which I'm turning.


I allow for the unexpected.

He values honor above anything else.

She's not a hero.


Ernst seems distressed.

It's enough to make you sick.

But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree. And above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation, the only way it's been done in the United States for 221 years; block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.

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What's always on your mind?

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"Would you like something to drink?" "Sorry, no thanks."


What was I supposed to say?


I watch PBS.


Is this wine good?

I'll never overlook your mistakes again.

The manager made an apology for having been out.

I wanted to warn Kaj.

Courtney died later that year.

Then we visited Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States of America.

Why on earth are you here?


They were urgent in their demand.

The village tried to do away with school meals.

Japanese shogi corresponds to chess.

Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it's important that you do it because no one else will.

Hold still. This won't hurt.

The men went hunting for lions.

Her many puppies run around in the yard every day.

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I'm sorry, could you repeat that please?

Mutual understanding promotes peace.

I could not help but state my opinion.


Lars laughed at the misunderstanding.

I told Norm you already knew what to do.

You need to have a stool examination.

Can't you take a joke?

I know Shean is very interested in swimming.

Why did they dislike you?

I had a crush on her.


The police found Ben's hideout.

Do you think I was born yesterday?

Vex not too far the lion, chained though he be.

Is this some kind of practical joke?

It looks like Jacob has been bitten by the love bug.


I don't understand Rajarshi.

Why are you so quarrelsome?

This is the restaurant that I often eat at.


Ramanan was totally wasted.


You are burning up the road.


Wouldn't that be irresponsible?

I see no analogy between your problem and mine.

I'd like to get a second opinion.


Please do not write in this library book.

Don't buy me any more presents.

George seems to be a good boy.

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He suckered me out of ten dollars.


I don't want to live by myself.


The class divided into two teams.

What do you think Srivatsan did?

Lucy and I have about the same number of friends.

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I won't let them go there.

He is such a bad person that everybody dislikes him.

Norma can't say no.

She turned down the financial help I offered.

A hinny is a hybrid offspring of two species, a male horse and a female donkey.

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Seems like I'm just playing gooseberry here. I should go.


He told a friend that he felt very tired and weak.

Slartibartfast's favorite creation was the fjords of Norway.

He's not an American, but he likes America.

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Would you show me some ID, please?

Leads asked his father if he could go to a movie.

My daily routine of English has been greatly reduced.

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He doesn't surf in the Internet every day.

What do you do in your free time?

"Is that implying that I go get some sugar in me and then work more?" "Er?" "No, sorry. I'm just sulking a bit."

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Ofer left without telling us.

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She was encouraged by the news.

Let's put the past behind us.

Douglas will need to go further.

I don't want any crackers.

Do you need a little help?


The lorry dumped the sand on the ground.


It's a pity no one here studies Belarusian.

Could Jane be involved?

My shift's over soon.

Sharon is the cutest girl in the class.

Felix got furious.


Jackye doesn't like working on an empty stomach.

Have you already met?

I wasn't driving as fast as the police officer said I was.

It'll be there.

Try to speak French as often as possible if you want to improve your French.


The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth.

Jarmo has dark hair.

As Colin is honest, I like him.

Personally, I don't think we should be doing this.

Mohammad doesn't let me do anything.

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I don't think Kristian can hear us.


Spy found it fairly easy to follow Maurice without being seen.

She helped me in every way.

Louis is the only person I know who can't speak French.

You must stick to your diet.

I'm not ashamed of my father's being poor.

You shouldn't talk here.

He's been shot!


We are going to a dance tomorrow.


The deadly disease spread uncontrollably among the population.

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He saturated himself with sunshine.

Give me my portion.

If he had known about it, he would have come.


I'm just minding my own business.

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Juri doesn't want anyone in his room while he's away.

Hunger is the best cook.

She smiled at him.

In front of you, you can see Tiananmen Square.

I hope you'll return.