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Customer Service Inquiry System

Customer Service
Inquiry System


A perfect window in knowing member's profile, premium contribution and benefit availment

  Electronic Premium Reporting System

Electronic Premium Reporting System


Enable employers to post the payments of their employees online and on real time.


Electronic Group Enrollment and Management System


Facilitates the registration, billing, query of Organized Groups.

  Online Posting of IAEB

Online Posting of Bid Documents (IAEB)


Allows BAC users from Head and Regional Offices to post their bid documents online


PhilHealth Forum


Electronic Bulletin Board open for discussions in Organizational policies and guidelines, issuances and Others


Job Order Request Online System


Electronic submission of Job Order request to ITMD Helpdesk

  (415) 472-3803

PhilHealth Employee Premiums and
Loan Inquiry System


Verify and generate reports of premiums and loan payments to PhilHealth, GSIS and Pag-ibig

  Records Center Management System

Records Center Management System


Monitoring of all documents for storage, withdrawal and disposal manage by PRID-RELMS

  ICD-10 and RVS Inquiry System

ICD-10 and RVS Inquiry System


Latest ICD-10 and RVS library


(713) 340-9555

Enable PhilHealth offices to view numerical and graphical statistics for membership, collection and claims realtime.