It was Joubert who told me what had happened.

What's the harm?

It's half past eight.

I have to do this by myself.

Kazuhiro put too much hot sauce on his pizza.

I wish he had attended the meeting.

What's WhatsApp?

I take a shower almost every day.


Tell Guillermo it was all your fault.

Ramsey doesn't have a key to the closet.

Mitch can handle French quite well.

Skip is merciful.

They left that for us.

I'm sensitive.

They get nervous.

This isn't completely wrong.

Can you see Mt. Daisetsu over there?


I don't want them here.

Sanity's last name is Bobbie.

I'm not very good at speaking Arabic.

I was very much annoyed with him.

Let me have a minute with them.

Just tell me when to show up.

I'm obsessed.

He got tired and turned back.

It's time to begin downsizing.

The label on the box doesn't match the contents.

You have a beautiful flat.


Erick's the laziest of her schoolmates.

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He's very knowledgeable.

What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

Granville is very materialistic.

I'm going to leave about ten in the morning.

I must warn her.

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You should learn to restrain yourself.

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I know what they want me to do.


It shouldn't be much longer.


There's nothing wrong with Duane.

Keep quiet!

Should we tell her what we did?


You are to give up smoking at once.


I am accustomed to living alone.


I know it for sure.

Hui wants to feed the birds in the park.

Shut the door! There is a draught here!


Willie did that for Randal.


The first photo of Earth from space was taken in 1946.

If you need me to, I'll help you.

I heard you tell Allen to do that.

This isn't Diane's car.

Lindsey needs to remember this.

How many times have you made the trip by boat?

He will write an answer very soon.


The food is horrible.


In all of my travels, I have never seen a more beautiful mountain than Mount Everest.

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He will leave by train at 6:30.

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In my opinion, Twitter bird is the most evil bird in our world.

There's a lot of noise in a typical city.

Shean ran down the hall.

Due to his skill in cutting corners, he managed to dominate the senior staff.

Go do as you like.

You may as well chew your food well.

A computer game was given to me by my father.

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Never have I seen such a cute puppy as this.

Patricio drank his orange juice.

Marcia said that yesterday.

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I saw at a glance that he was an ordinary man.

My Name is Tanaka, I just moved in next door. Pleased to meet you.

The teacher gave him a failing grade for basing his report on discredited research.

That's where it's happening.

A theory must be followed by practice.

You had a good weekend, didn't you?

I know where you can find her.

Every little bit helps.

He is really a good worker.

There are fifty members in this club.

Max can't be trusted.


Will you do this for me?

I told Ellen it was time to quit.

Do you still want this?

Greg has no classes at all on Monday.

Ahmet failed to do what he said he'd do.


I told you I got fired.


I don't think many people will be able to come that night. I, for one, have to be in London.

How about a cup of cocoa?

She disliked her husband.

I'll never forgive you.

We live on rice.

We need to stay focused.

I'll go to Boston in the spring.

I can do without this.

Let's suppose you happen to strike it rich at the races.

If you continue with the pointless arguments'll end up as a repeat of yesterday.

What happened to your voice?

The thief set his eyes on that house.

The ambassador will be recalled from his present post soon.

I just made it under the wire.

I will travel all around the world.

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I'm sure that he went to Tokyo.


Krzysztof is a very fast swimmer.

I agreed to the proposal.

Murthy walked across the room.


He had such a bright future ahead of him.

He was aware of being watched.

I come here infrequently. I usually shop across the street.

Does he work?

I helped you the best I could.

How many people were at your party?

At his young age, he has already accomplished a lot.

Werner's not feeling very well.

The business didn't produce a profit.

Don't hesitate to call if you need me.

The village which I visited last summer was a small one in Nagano Prefecture.


He used chopsticks in an awkward way.

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These things are very hard to come by these days.

How many hotels do you think there are in Boston?

That was when I was in the first year at high school, so 17 years have passed since then.

Sean and Russell are going to tie the knot this spring.

Jingbai is three years younger than you, right?

I'm sure Amy had to work late.

What's happening to you?

Where can I find one of those?

He expressed himself very well in English.

China has had the fastest economic growth rate in the world in the last decade.

The next train arriving at platform 2 will depart for Shibuya at 4:35pm.

This laptop belongs to me.

The bus was late because of the traffic jam.

I was busy cooking.

Let it be done by six this evening.

I can't seize the meaning.

Tell me about some of the places you've visited.


It's Greek to me.

Do you want us to tell Pandora?

Plenty of people were waiting for the bus.


My children have to stay indoors after dark.

All you had to do was ask.

That trio has already put out five albums.

His troubles led him to drink.

It is possible that aliens have already landed on earth.


Do what you've been told.

I won't get an email from Terry today.

The violets adorn my kitchen windows.

They found gunshot residue on the victim's hand.

We're happy with our car.

I think that it's true.

When I was in school, I dreamed of becoming a pilot.

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With many women, love always comes first.

Your parents were very proud of you.

He behaved as if he were crazy.

And since she refused to accept it, she had been living in extreme discomfort, exclaiming: "Why should we spend all the capital we are ever likely to have tying ourselves down to a place we detest!"

Is there another way out of here?

Joachim probably thought I could play tennis.

Render good for evil.

What size do you wear?

Please keep us updated.

Amos was able to recite the whole poem by heart.

I wonder why Margie did it.

Omar has lots of friends.

I'm not in it for the money.


Benson is good, isn't he?


Can I talk to you?

Jesse suggested that I should clean my office.

You just don't know how it feels.


Isaac has never been asked out on a date.

Chet is gracious to everyone.

What's wrong with that one?