He says we must live to eat.

Please take your rubbish with you and dispose of it thoughtfully.

I got stood up.

Hunter is wondering about what to do next.

The pile of shit hit again!

Doyle seemed unimpressed.


Is it true that man never gave you his name?

You owe me thirty bucks.

I just can't deal with this now.

Neal bought a pair of leather motorcycle gloves.

Here's the funny part.


I don't know how many years Rogue lived in Boston.


The two trains collided at high speed causing hundreds of deaths.


The area of the factory is 1,000 square meters.

Straka is the man.

Do I have to pay you?

After a lengthy inspection, the tunnel was reopened to traffic.

Can you prove the allegations?

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I bet you're wondering why Lois left so early.

We could see the ship in the distance.

Raja's new camera can take images with much higher pixel counts than his old one could.

I've asked him three times to take out the trash and he still hasn't done it!

We're about the same height.

Dale reads at least three books a month.

Mr Suzuki may well be proud of his son.


Come and sit down.

Everyone laughed at the speaker's joke.

When I was in England, I had great difficulty trouble in speaking English.

I've never had a cavity.

I'm not disputing that.

We are a part of a community of thousands of current and former members of This Group.

When does spring begin?

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I've got a little job for you.


Ahmet complained about the accommodations.

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Valeria could tell by the smile on Saad's face that she had had a good time at the party.


I'm expected.

I'm not working for them.

That's enough!

Jeremy's wife loves to exhibit her jewelry.

Parts of the city looked like a disaster zone following the storm.

Nobody came to help him.

Didn't you hear her speaking French?

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I'd like you to translate this book into English.


Whither shall one flee? Where shall I go and abide?

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I personally believe that you are right.

I think that's kind of dishonest.

If I had a dime for every time I heard that, I'd be rich.

That was foolish of her.

Is the work hard?

He needs a ladder.

Doing something only half-heartedly is the worst thing you can do.

At last, Dominick recovered her senses.

Is one of you Pedro?

Is this way of talk will more typical?

The traffic accident prevented me from catching the train.

We all regret what happened.

Irvin asked me about Bea.

It's kind of hard to explain.

I am already old and can hardly manage all of my affairs.

Why don't you tell Doyle what you want for Christmas?

Have you told Reinhard why you can't drive a car?

I sure wish I could have a three-day weekend.

You ask your husbands about love.

He was born within the sound of the Bow bells.

I'll tell on you!

Relax your mind.

Along the way, he stopped to make speeches.


It took several hours to clear the mess left from the wreck of the truck and several cars.

You are always making excuses for not doing your share of the work.

We have many friends to visit in Tokyo.


He is making preparations for a trip.

I met him at a dinner party.

Sridharan was eventually convicted.


A sneeze leaves your body at forty miles an hour.

Your table is ready, sir.

She died quickly.


I called and pretended I was Hubert.

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She has been struck by lightning three times.


He's pale because he's sick.

Nicolette is pretty sympathetic.

This is a really lonely stretch of shoreline.


There was a striking resemblance between them.

I don't want her to worry.

You don't know how to do it, do you?

You've got something in your teeth.

Takeuchi has been living in Boston since 2013.

It was cumbersome.

This meat is roasted well.

Do you want us to call you?

I think you'll need a loan.

He demanded that John should go there.

We'll talk at dinner tonight.

Don't do anything special.

What would happen if we just ignored Tandy's request?


The father has grey eyes.

I never liked school.

Thank you for informing us that Mr Dived prepared the policy draft.

I'm a person with guts and a strong will.

I want him brought here now.

My neighbor renovated her house completely.

I can do more than just cook.


He is over 80 kilos.

What is the problem?

Many Americans protested the purchase of Alaska.

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There was nothing to worry about.

Please show it to me again.

This power station alone provides several cities with electricity.

I should have gone home.

He can't stop them.

I made a promise to her.

Is there a mailbox near here?

I haven't eaten anything all day, but I don't feel hungry.

We should've left earlier.

What the hell is this? I can't believe you put sperm in the Omelette Rice.

To those who seek peace and security: We support you.

Drinking coffee may help you stay awake.

I arrived yesterday.


The train is due at noon.

Briggs is so rich that even his servants have servants.

I think people should stop using disposable shopping bags.

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The envelope's already been opened.

I think Vic is too outspoken.

Tokyo is the largest city in Japan.

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What does the doctor think is wrong with your shoulder?


It won't be worth the risk.

The baby sleeping in the baby carriage is as cute as an angel.

I'm catching a cold, I believe.

We make our products using our creativity as a service to you.

We were quite tired after putting on the play.


What you do with it is up to you.

Farmers sow seeds in the spring.

We ate a potato salad.

He seemed very surprised when I told him about it.

To arms!

Did you close your bedroom's door?

Claudio gave a big yawn.

Can you fix it temporarily?

He puts aside a little money each month.

Don't do anything crazy.

Choose a dress you like.

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Don't use computer translation.

Jack bit his lip.

I'm a private investigator.

Who would buy one of these?

Walter was worried.

There are two worlds: one immediately perceptible to the senses, world of appearances, ephemeral shadow of a more concealed one, accessible only through the reason; this is the true and eternal world.

He was overwhelmed by the intensity of her love.

Maria's niece was surprised to find out that Esperanto is only a hundred years older than she is.

I'm not getting married.


Stephan injured himself.

She gets paid a lot.

Annard hasn't come here yet.

Carol slid his tongue into Gabriel's ear.

Aren't you going to dance with Kate?

Brent's family moved around quite a bit when he was a kid.

It's adorable.


Only one student stayed after class to talk to the teacher.

The only difference between an awful cook and a poisoner is the intention.

Who the hell are you?


I think it's Timothy.

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Do you think we can glue that back together?

Is it raining now?

She bought him a dog. However, he was allergic to dogs, so they had to give it away.


I remember singing scales every day during music lessons.

The bucket was full of rainwater.

There's no telling what Ram will do.