In order to achieve great things, we must live as though we are never going to die.

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A stranger seized me by the arm.

Did something happen on the bus?

Sometimes I don't understand biology.

Is Martin awake yet?

Your best friend's girlfriend is as big as a whale.

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She can't stop it.

The biologist classifies the newly found species in its own genus, whereas other taxonomists want to put it into an established genus.

He began to get restless because of that noise.

Why do you want Ric to have it?

A couple of new guests entered the room.

I have a good teacher.

They all deserve to die.

Which car did Max choose?

He brought a car from Japan.

I didn't know what else to do.

I don't have an alibi for Monday night.

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You are in the way.

Dan didn't even go upstairs.

Could you please briefly introduce yourself?


I need your passport and three pictures.


Werner came pretty close to getting hit by a truck.

What would you do if Lawrence ever learned the truth?

It was yesterday that Sanand broke the window.


Isn't my boyfriend terrible? He always takes me to see horror movies, even though he knows I don't like them. I hate it.

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Children generally have a higher body temperature than adults.

We don't even know for sure that George and Santa are married.

I want a single room.

Are you still looking for something to do?

The desk that Ken uses is old.

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She went surfing.

I don't usually buy secondhand things.

Have you been to this pub before?

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Let's start.

My dad took us to the zoo yesterday.

The new phone book is here!

I have a huge sailboat.

We have run short of food.

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I am too ashamed to do it.

Jerome was in the garden when it happened.

I hate working after dinner.

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We've got to get them presents.

She gave me a peck on the cheek.

Christopher won't be able to come here tomorrow.

We added something new.

I've just had a hot bath, so I feel much better.

My godfather gave me a watch as a gift.

You heard the news?

Human beings communicate in many ways.

It's only the poor who are generous.

Masanobu just can't stay away.

All those efforts came to nothing.

I am a runner.

He's stark crazy.

I love fish.

Are your hands free of dirt?

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You may also come.

When's dinner served?

I want this to be over.


It is impossible to tell what will happen in that country.

Lewis stomped on the brake pedal and screeched to a halt.

Eggs are getting more expensive.


Why didn't you pick me?


I don't think I can do that just now.

Stay with me, ladies and gentlemen.

He loves being in the spotlight.

We have to get better.

Rajendra would be a formidable opponent.

I don't think that's what we should be doing.

It was designed by Darci.

I assure you that I'm completely content with my brain.

I've been a big fan of yours for a long time.


Worse still was the mean-spirited stuff that it was OK for my friends to know about, but the thought of anyone else knowing about made me itchy with shame.

Jason is just trying to be romantic, isn't he?

Too much liberty spoils all.


I thought I recognized him.

Can you forgive us?

Will you report everything truthfully?

It really did happen just the way Jakob said it did.

My house is on a hill.

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He was really impressed.

I'd much rather have a piece of cake.

These are very sophisticated devices.


Jesus thinks that nothing bad can happen to him.


I really enjoyed that movie.

And they found themselves in a magical world called Narnia.

Her mother was a Christian and her father a pagan, but this wasn't a problem for them at all.


I imagine that Kathryn will eventually learn to deal with the way people treat him.


I'll let you know as soon as I get there.

In what kinds of situations would you use it?

Ask Hal what he needs the rope for.


Pablo happened to be there.

I'm calling you on behalf of Mr. Simon.

We'll be patient.

He bore himself well at the ceremony.

It's very kind of you to invite me to your birthday party.

Paula went into the bank while Dean waited patiently in the car.

I should've stayed with him.

I'm sorry I'm dressed like this.

Are you the prophet?

It is a very pragmatic culture.

She gave him a necktie which was completely to his taste.

Tell Lorraine to relax.

Science is fun.

Randell just wanted to make sure that's what you meant.

My relationship with Torsten isn't your concern.

He speaks Spanish well.

I have lost faith in that doctor.

Police arrested one man.

You were never very good at math.

Do you think Gigi will actually do that?

This concept has many meanings.

Raja almost always falls asleep while watching TV.

Shakil doesn't like to stay at home.

His observation is sharp, but he says very little.

We ordered French fries and soft drinks.


We believe it.

Why didn't you come into work yesterday?

He left me with tons of hard work to do.


Generally speaking, orchestra conductors wear tailcoats at concerts.

Correct me if I am wrong.

She acted in a play for the first time.

Mother was in a bad mood since she could not play golf because of bad weather.

Did you write down the telephone number?


A doctor examined Mr. Brown.


I found it impossible to lift the box.

Ilya is ruthless.

My car is equipped with a CD player.

I know some students in that school.

There are few men but know that.

He was attacked by a sharp pain in his stomach.

Please speak more loudly.


People who were obese at 15 years of age or over have a three times higher risk of mortality than those who'd never been obese.

In the underground, to double-cross any member means sure death.

She could eat while at the same time continue playing videogame.


The windows should've already been washed.

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I'm fairly certain Monica isn't planning to be at Vern's party.

All your sentences sound clumsy even if rewritten into gramatically correct ones.

Robin cut down the tree with his chainsaw.


I'm ashamed of my body.

Several of the Transhumanist Movement are demonstrating in front of the government building.

That's just absolutely ridiculous.

He was the angriest man I've ever had the misfortune to meet!

I cannot afford to keep a car.

There are lots of people there who can actually help you.

Wake Ralph up.

It is a student's business to study.

Vijay had nothing better to do.


That would be a shame.

Until Mariner 10, astronomers were not sure what Mercury really looked like because it is so close to the Sun.

You think I don't know what's going on?

Val needs to finish school.

Your mother must be proud.

We're under new management.

Children exhibit a low tolerance for the frustrations of learning.

We add examples in languages we know.

We thought their shop was a failure, but now they've gotten out from under and even expanded.


They fired me.

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He has a big truck.


I don't know what you are going to do.

I'll explain it in more detail later.

The parking lot was almost empty.

She could scarcely gasp the words.

They liked to argue about political issues.