Who Am I?

I am a Software developer. Designing and developing quality software is my passion. I serve as Senior Software Engineer for Homes and Land in Tallahassee, FL.

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(431) 516-0898

Cloud Based, ONC Certified, complete ambulatory Electronic Health Records system, built to seamlessly transition to completely paperless Health Records.

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Azalea PM

A simple, efficient, Practice Management System that and will dramatically improve the financial health of your practice.

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Providing patients with timely access to their Patient Portal (Patient Health Record). Patients can securely and privately request appointments, update their demographics, view allergies, medication list, problem history, and lab results, including current and past prescriptions.

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Internal payroll software for tracking employee profiles, employee timekeeping, PTO requests, Departments, Supervisors, and Payroll calculations.

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A simple system written for my daughter Sarah. Proves a web based solution for tracking child's input/output, medications, and growth records.

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