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Jack Kirby - The Fourth World Omnibus

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Got the DC comic’s Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus a while back. Didn’t have a chance to read this. Will be getting into it shortly. This thing is huge. Love the art. We’ll see if it’s the way I remember it back in the day.


Ghost - Prequelle

4/5 – This is great. The production is the best yet. The harmonies are improved. The musician assets (ghouls) are better than ever. Really like the track “See The Light”. The instrumental “Miasma” it very Rush/Blue Öyster Cult.

Currently Listening: Bathory – Bathory

Bathory - Bathory

4/5 – Interesting to hear this again. It’s been a while.

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Installed the Hako True switches and MiTo canvas keycaps on this keyboard. Still getting used to it.


New keyboards to test

Got some other keyboards I’m going to be checking out. The Vortex Race 3:

Vortex Race 3

I really like this and will probably be my backup/QWERTY keyboard.

The Input Club K-Type:

Input K-Type 1 Input K-Type 2 Input K-Type 3

With Halo True switches, which I really wanted to try out. Like them so much I got in on the stand-alone switch group buy. The back light is preposterously bright.

Currently Listening: Gojira – Magma

Gojira - Magma

4/5 – Great guitar without the DJENT.

Currently testing the Ergodox Infinity

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This is my current daily driver keyboard. I’m still learning where the keys are with the new layout. Typing speed has gone up, but I find I’m overlapping keypresses and getting letters out of order. So I need to pace my typing. I have two of them, one for home (which is backlit) and office. My home unit has different keycaps for each half. The right one has custom DSA sublimated caps. The left has custom MiTo x Massdrop canvas keycaps. My office caps are DSA sublimated with crazier colors.

I’m still figuring out which caps to keep on the home one. I really like the canvas keycap colors and legends. But I think the DSA caps might be more comfortable.


I’m trying this thing:

Apple a1048

If it works out, I might try and convert the keycaps to cherry MX to put in one of my mechanical keyboards. Its got membrane dome switches and it already seems harder to type with. Its better than the chiclet Apple keyboards though.


Veil of Maya – False Idol

3/5 – Not bad, some of the tracks have some pretty good hooks. The non-cookiemonster vocals are great.

Caran d’Ache 849 Review

Current daily writer is the Caran d’Ache 849 fountain pen. Its very good. The fine tip is a little more like a medium when compared to Pilot and Lamy. Everything is nice and smooth. I like all the colors. I purchased the darker green color. The lacquering is amazing, and exactly the kind of quality you expect with a Swiss made pen. Nice and smooth surface and the hexagonally shape is great. I don’t mind the drop in diameter from the body to the tip mount. The only thing that might be a little negative is the length, when you post the cap. Posting inserts using the same kind of ring as when you cap the pen. So its kind of awkward @ +8 inches. Also the mount ring isn’t as tight as the cap. So it wobbles a little. Not really a big deal.

Caran d'Ache 849

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I got this domain, so I figured I should be using it for something. Most of the time I think I’ll be posting article sized commentary and activity updates. Music commentary and stuff about any music related projects I do.

I’m going to be trying to create open source and public software projects and will put project status and maybe some commentary on how they are going. At some point it became apparent that most of the work I do, even on “open-source” projects are hidden behind a corporate wall. So I’m going to start my own thing. Make something actually useful.

Also, the only way to get better at writing is to do it. Maybe do some reviews of random things. There might be some pointless exposition around here. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a senseless epiphany!

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