Q is Bus Rapid Transit

Q provides faster, more convenient, and more reliable service than a traditional bus line. Funded by federal and state funds, Q vehicles are modern and comfortable with off-board fare collection—all at the same fare as a regular FAX bus.

Ten–minute frequencies at peak time make for a short wait. Fewer stops mean reduced travel time. Bus priority at traffic signals also helps speed up the trip. Plus, enhanced stations make for a more pleasant wait.

Q’s initial route spans 15.7 miles on Blackstone Avenue, from North Fresno Street to downtown, then out Ventura Avenue/Kings Canyon Road to Clovis Avenue. The project includes 51 stations: 24 station pairs (or 48 one–way stations), two terminal stations, and one transit center with a shared platform station. Q will serve major shopping centers, hospitals, and other significant destinations. In future years, additional Q routes could be added to further improve the FAX system.

Q is an adaptable and cost-effective choice in building for the region’s growing transit needs. Less expensive and more flexible than light rail, Q can adapt to emerging needs and opportunities—such as a downtown high-speed rail station—while providing fast, frequent, and reliable service for Fresno today.

Never Been a Better Time to Ride FAX

Transferring from Q to a regular FAX bus and back again will be seamless. Riders can zip easily and conveniently around the city while alleviating traffic congestion and contributing to greater air quality.

With faster, more frequent, and more reliable options from FAX, there’s never been a better time to ride. Service begins in early 2017.

Comparison Chart

service frequency vehicle Average Loading Time Fare Collection Traffic Signal Priority
10 minutes Clean-air,
plush seating,
Thermoguard windows
20 seconds In station yes
varies Current FAX
varies On board no