Collin might know who Saul is married to.

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That's what I call a self-evident proposition, as the dog's-meat man said, when the housemaid told him he warn't a gentleman.

Stop swearing, please.

Isaac can say "I can only speak French" in thirty languages.

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This seems expensive, but it's so durable it will pay in the long run.

Please tell Pat it's urgent.

You're a good kid, Suresh.

Raman didn't understand.

Perhaps you should reconsider their offer.

Fritz is a talented guitarist, but he's a horrible singer.

You've got a million dollars in front of you. You can either spend it for yourself or spend it on a surgery for someone you don't know who is in danger of quadriplegia. You both don't know each other. And no one will ever know what a noble deed you've done sacrificing all the money to the surgery for a person you don't know, or how mean you were to take the money confining that person to wheelchair for the rest of their life. So what would you do? You can't share the money.


What a lot of books he has!

My mom wants me to study in Switzerland.

Let me try to get Clarence some help.


She is the editor-in-chief.

I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze.

This can be a real diamond.

She is sincere in her promise.

I called them from the hospital.

I forgot who I was dealing with.

I'm the owner of this land.

She really does like animals.

I did something stupid.

"International TV?" Dima asked. "What are you talking about, Al-Sayib?"

You guys look the same.

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Anita doesn't smile so much anymore.

I've been very lucky in my life to have met many of my favorite actors.

I think I should probably go home and get some sleep.

Avery caught a big trout.

Sridhar didn't approve.


Racial prejudice is still a problem in some countries.

I know what Hein's thinking.

Sundar showed Jerome several pictures of his house.

My parents are Spanish.

We'll discuss the problem with Real.

Don't make a fuss.

The car's antenna is built into the windshield.

What am I going to tell him?

Why are we voting for Ric?

Is there such thing as a truly selfless act?

That should be ready on Tuesday.

To many people, it was nothing short of a miracle.

She arrived late as usual.

Art thou being serious?

He slapped his forehead and called himself a bumbling fool after an hour of replaying a mental tape of his first date with the girl he loves.

As soon as the argument ended, I left the office forthwith.

We're just having a good time.

"Huh?" Dima didn't understand. "But isn't this Al-Sayib? And aren't you drinking Fanta and telling noobs to shut up?"

People say she was an actress when she was young.

This is my latest review.

Summer is still a long way away.

I'll let Rahul know you called.

He was allowed to go swimming on condition that he be kept near the other boys.

I was going to get myself a snack.

That artist created a lot of beautiful pictures.

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He knows many things.


Fill out the form.

No matter how rich a man is, he cannot buy love.

If you get up early, you can be in time for school.

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You must go, like it or lump it.

She was forced to confess.

Who's to say it's not what's supposed to happen?

I cannot drive a car. I don't have a driver's license.

He has no family to support.


His latest works are on display at the square.


Don't ask questions, just do it.

Do you think Wes will like the gift I bought for him?

I go to work by car every day.

This is my new video.

Do you think you might recognize Randolph?

He is hounding me to find out where you are.

She knit him a sweater for his birthday.

I've just won 2 million in Poker!

I saw you guys talking to them.

Sid doesn't seem to be heading in the right direction.

Someone said to the stones: "Be human." The stones said: "We are not hard enough yet."


I feel sick whenever I see blood.

The train has just left.

We sympathize with you.


I've been here longer than you.


A friend deceived her.

"H" is not pronounced in French.

Would you like some help with that?

You may go on condition that you return by five.

That is not my field of work.

Was their mother watching the girls?

Isabelle is aware of the danger.

People love dogs.

We experience and understand the world through signals that are received by the senses and interpreted by the brain - and both stages are subject to distortion.


I truly loved her.


I don't want to go through this again.

We're going to find out.

"Zelda, today I want salami, falafel, pizza, bacon, curry, porridge, vegetables, olives, potatoes, chips, corn, Tic Tacs, muffins, bananas, fish, turkey, chicken, cake, and wheat thins for dinner. So what's for dinner?" "He he, nothing, Father!" "Shut the hell up, you piece of crap, do you mean I'm not eating dinner?!" "Yeah, we got a new king. It's Ganon!" "You are my prisoner!" "Oh crap."


Kevyn might be richer than we thought he was.

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Shane doesn't start a fight.


It is very expensive.

She looked out through the hole.

Lori has given us all this.

When have they ever done anything for me?

I'll kiss you if that's what you want.

They yielded the town to the enemy.

I'm right behind him.


Daryl is the guilty one.

Jess had to stand in line at the ticket office for over three hours.

Special forces training is already a torture.

They're having a hard time.

How's the spice pudding?

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I'd like to have a coffee.


That story cannot possibly be true.


Would you please sign our petition?

Raj has never spoken to me.

This stone has a hole in the center.


I'm happy it all worked out.


When I heard that she was cured, my heart was full of gratitude.

We've just got to find a way to get this done.

Last night, we watched television together.

In order to read what is good one must make it a condition never to read what is bad.

These towels are different colors.

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I won't go out until it stops raining.

Amanda wishes that were true.

This kitten wants to sleep.


I'm completely cast down!

Judge by the result.

I think you should help her.

I dreamt of coming to class naked.

I wouldn't do that even if you paid me.

I can't make him out.

What does silence sound like?

I need a drink first.

I think you'd better lie down.

Apparently, all this still doesn't work perfectly, but the system doesn't lack interest.

Emily is anxious to see him again.

Who said you could speak?

Pay attention to what Louise says.

He makes good use of his time.

If we need any help, I'll let you know.

Danielle didn't find what he was looking for.

Why don't we meet at 2:30?

You still have to go, even if you don't want to.

And he let the two men sleep at his home.

The evidence is laid out before us. Considering that, together with the fact that he has no alibi, there's no question that he's the guilty one.

Let me explain myself.

You will need to bring two passport-sized photos of yourself taken with a white background.

He caught a cold.

Chuck doesn't know his birthdate.

Her eyes are blue.


Everyone except Jakob was wearing a tie.


The treasure was buried in the deepest of the sea.

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He is clever, and moreover, he is handsome.

There are many kinds of coffee.

Fasten your seat belt, please.

Billie was the lead suspect.

When do I get to talk to Pria?

She attends cultural meetings.

Bud told me you were in here.

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This is helpful.

I used to smoke a lot, but now I've quit.

I can't believe you quit playing harp.

How does Piete know all this?

I was arrested on the spot.

This road is closed to traffic for construction work.

He is anxious for a motorbike.

The bus was ten minutes late.

That's the way he is.


The toilet overflowed.


I'm getting really tired.