"No Limitations" describes everything about the Van Staal product line. No limits on where you can go, how big a fish you can hook or the amount of pressure you can put on it, and your equipment. With Van Staal, you're always in control of the battle. . .

Van Staal VR Series
The VR is a lightweight fully-machined reel that can be used with or without a bail.
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Van Staal reels are built extra-tough, because the people who fish them are extra-tough. Van Staal fishermen don't care about the weather when the bite is on. They don't care about how difficult it is to reach that perfect rock out in the surf. And they certainly don't care about missing their favorite TV show when the stripers call. The Van Staal fisherman is a special breed, with an attitude that reflects our slogan — No Limitations.

The toughest reels in the world are designed to be fished hard, and nobody fishes harder than the Van Staal Pro Team. Based around the world, these guys have seen, and battled, just about everything that the ocean has to offer — and their Van Staal has always been there as the right tool for the job. We'd like you to meet the Van Staal Pro Team. . .
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We pride ourselves on building the best products in the industry, taking pride in every aspect of manufacturing. We use the best equipment available to build and test Van Staal products. But beyond engineering, it's the people that make Van Staal truly great.

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