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Strudel Cafe is the official website for our DeviantART group, StrudelCafe! It's an interactive environment where you can keep track of your inventory, banking, and even play some games!

Our website is undergoing lots of changes and we appreciate your patience as we work to make this a great experience for our users! Please utilize the navigation above to explore what we currently have to offer. If you haven't yet registered, we encourage you to do so!


Recent News

Fall is Here !

With the seasons changing, so shall Strudels! You'll find new crops are available and the old ones retired until next summer! DRead More ...

Fishing Changes

Quick Update: Made some adjustments to fishing today! They should help combat any issues with resubmitting the form accidentallRead More ...

Explore The Cafe

(469) 284-2453

The official bank of StrudelCafe! Here you can check your crumb balance, items, and pets.

Flea Market

Need to sell those extra carrots? Looking for some twigs? Trade with other users at the Flea Market!


Plant and grow crops to earn crumbs! You may even harvest something special.


Help Dahlia care for cows and sheep. Collect milk and wool to sell for crumbs!

The Coop

Help Dahlia care for clucklings and other birds. Collect eggs to sell for crumbs!

(301) 212-5803

Visit the Farmer's Market for all your farming and animal husbandry needs, or to purchase upgrades!

Goom Nursery

Feed and play with your baby goomdrop daily to help it grow!

Quest Hub

Looking to make extra crumbs? Pick up a quest (or two) at the Quest Hub!

(601) 909-1293

Feed him your crumbs and you just might get a special reward!

(267) 723-1314

Help Bobber catch the cryptid he's been hunting, or at least a few Mudworms!

Need Help?

You can find more information about the bank and site activities under the "Help" tab. We also have many resources if you are lost or unsure of something!

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Don't know where to start with the ARPG? cowtail

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