I don't know if we're still friends.

She asked them to take their shoes off.


You should be a teacher.

Kieran has a serious problem.

I have butterflies in my stomach.


It is a pity that she should be in such poor health.

I couldn't help overhear your conversation.

He went to Paris, where he met me for the first time.

They asked for help.

They called the village New Amsterdam.


I am too sleepy to drive.


Instead of cleaning the house today, I think I'll take a walk.


They are plowing the field of wheat.

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Ernest kept his true feelings about that well hidden.

He is by no means a pleasant fellow to associate with.

Those who are not qualified professionals must include a disclaimer to indicate this.

This is so romantic.

I was burned up by what he said.

Just stay right there.

He has not only learning but experience.


You aren't well.

She's fucked up.

We had thought to stay there a couple of weeks.

Another half hour, and our master will be back here.

It's getting hotter.

She was occupied in cooking all afternoon.

That work needs to be finished by evening.

We are now in-laws, seeing as our kids got married.

The surgeon persuaded me to undergo an operation.

Tell me it's not true.

I beg you, give me a bottle!

There are no stupid questions.

You arrested me.

Svetlana was a little too merciful with the feeder mice down at the pet store. The snakes nearly starved!

I am thankful for veterans.

Which car is less crowded?

Marcia is taking a bath now.

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I want Brodie on my team.


Could you please tell me again what school you graduated from?

I want you to write a letter to your mother.

I knew your father.


Gill wanted to ride Cristopher's motorcycle.

Tommy is our only child.

It wasn't a job interview.

It was a great plan.

The most successful scientists are those who pose the right questions.


We'll pass it on.


They say the Cabinet will resign.

It was very disturbing.

Is coffee good for you?

We know that this is impossible.

Leslie threw the letter into the wastebasket.

Let me know when he will arrive.

I already spoke to her.

I can tell you if you promise not to tell anyone.

I saw him jump.

How do you say "ninety-seven" in various languages?

Corey looked both ways before crossing the street.

It's bad, I know.

Well, you'll find out that after you cross. If I give too much away right from the start it won't be so interesting.

I am already going to Norway and Finland.

How long did you work for him?

While traveling in Europe, I was pickpocketed on a train.

It seems like you're in a bad mood this morning.

The problem is that Morgan doesn't have any money.

I hate keeping secrets.

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The brown horse is fast.


If you put your mind into the fleshlight, your mind becomes the fleshlight.


Are you going to hurt us?

I was going to say a year.

What's the title of the book you're reading?

I'll stay home and study.

Man is a rational animal.

She persists in her belief.

Rafael looked like he was healthy.

Do you remember seeing me before?

Who you insured through?


I don't know about you, but I'm starved.

I heard that Elsa and Loren got divorced.

They shed their blood for their independence.

I still can't work it out.

I stood there for a while, watching the exhaust pipe.


The picture reminds me of my school days.

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Lord wondered why Pantelis was angry.

Tell me about him.

Would you like to go see a movie with me?


Jos looks like his father.

I'm anxious about her health.

Shannon never touched me.

How flexible are you?

Scarcely had I gone out, when it started to rain.


He cried: "Help!"

When do you study?

Put that in the cupboard.

Barbados is a member of the Commonwealth.

This is a video that Juliane sent me.

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Charleen doesn't know much about his family history on his mother's side.


Jerome looked at it more closely.


Erick is in a bit of a quandary over whether to tell Clarissa or not.

Nobody but a fool would believe it.

Hundreds of people came out into the square.

Let's give Timo some room.

They're rather important.

I need to go to the gym.

I don't really like you.


I am going to take a shower first, since I went running last night and didn't take one afterward.

Kenn dropped his flashlight.

Follow your sister's example.


Jacobson drew his gun and shot one of the men.

Miriam drives a white car.

A few old buildings need to be demolished.

That is another matter.

He's a sexist.

Would you excuse us for a moment?

Did you know that Edgar doesn't like chocolate?

Don't worry much. It'll be OK.

Today I'm resting up at home.


The train will have started by the time he arrives.

Ask her to lend me a little money.

I hiccup a lot.

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This ship is not fit for an ocean voyage.


I know you can hear me.

I stayed at Antonio's house in Boston.

The company went bankrupt.

They don't look so happy, do they?

He never loses his curiosity; he is, as it were, an eternal youth.


The tree is straight.


Germany is known for being the country of poets and thinkers.


I finally understand what Jayesh was telling me.

Barrett will keep his word, I hope.

It would be nice of you to use the caliper instead of your ruler : it's much more accurate!

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Nothing ever happens around here.


She liked the ball too much, that's what killed her.

Ask Vince where he put his keys.

He was doubtful about which way to take.

Where's that?

I must finish reading that book by tomorrow.

May the turbulence of our age yield to a true time of peace, when men and nations shall share a life that honors the dignity of each, the brotherhood of all.

The facade of the building was completely renovated. I didn't recognize it when I drove by.

He arrived here last night.

I outsmarted them.

Dannie has got a severe concussion.

She served the family for twenty years.

You seem to have gained some weight.

He studied military history.

We've done that in the past.

Are you free in the afternoon?

For starters, I want to eat a little bit of cake.

What if she's gone for good?

Fred saw the mountains flying over Zurich.

I stood in the middle of the room.

I had tried to avoid thinking that as much as possible but as soon as I faced it I started to feel miserable.

They live in constant fear.

When is the wedding going to take place?

Please read this carefully.

Thank you for coming early.

I know a man who can speak French well.


Snakes are reptiles.

Giles accumulated a large fortune.

I can't complain about that.

We can't just sit here without doing anything.

Nothing can resist me to yearn for freedom.


The trailer goes with the car.

She was ill for a week.

Get on with your duties.