You don't need to do that now.


The man was mild of manner.

Let them take a look at it.

Boyd won't let us down.

I'd rather not go out today.

The pole vaulter jumped more than seven feet.

Terri and Francois know what happened.

There's nothing in there.

He is adept at telling lies.

Apparently my bare feet bothered him more than anything else.


Kerri has gone to school.

Must be nice...

The teacher told us a funny story.

The offer is worthy of being considered.

Todd knows what Juliet is thinking.

I could feel the house shaking.

He goes to work by car.

Gypsy began to tell Andre what had happened.

I will visit you tomorrow without fail.

They didn't talk.

You may be asked to give a speech.


You haven't told me why you asked me to come here.

I know I probably won't win.

The speaker is from Malaysia.

May I borrow this book?

Save me a piece of pie.


Dave looked for his glasses.

She could not come because of her illness.

Do you prefer an apple or a pear?


Don't worry, I will protect her.


I think you know why I can't do that.

I love the food here.

Find out what Sal is carrying.

Her father was probably killed in a car accident.

Tran talked about his family.

Oh, so you think you're a tough guy, huh?

Harvard is a wonderful university.


We know exactly what Harry can do.

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Seen from the top of the hill, the island is very beautiful.

He left the last page blank.

I didn't realize you were here.

Maria had too many distractions in her day to day life.

I'm on my way there now.

We've been waiting for this to happen.

As soon as you tell me what to do, I'll do it.

What should we do today?

How can you fix it?

The root of a flower is as weak as a baby's finger.

That shouldn't be too hard to do.

The secretary took dictation from her boss.

When's Vinod due back?

He cannot be young.

I don't object to your plan.

The ladies and gentlemen sat in the park and spoke of the time when they were still neighbors.

It all started because of this.

Shall we go?

The issue needed to be settled.

I'm here to help Ning get ready for the party.

She studies as hard as ever.

Let's get together here once a week.

I am living with my uncle.

He's possessed by a strange idea.

Magnus angrily tore up Nadeem's letter.

Give it up for Page!

Would you please make it for me?

Now eat your supper.

Sharon does everything well.

Why don't you care?

You're going to need one, too.


Thank you all for that.

He lifted the weight without effort.

I'm not used to having so much free time.


I don't need your opinions.


I'm not lucky.

Ore is enriched here.

My oldest brother is single.

I don't know what Martyn wants to do.

I think we are about to make a lot of money.

The only one who knows how to do that is Stephanie.

The dog is often called 'man's best friend.'

This time Brendan is right.

Srinivasan gave up smoking.

I don't know who'll be here tomorrow.

She leads a solitary life in a remote area of Scotland.


Why don't you get Trying to help you?

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I'm able to lie to you.


I blew my whole bonus on shopping and travel.

I've got to take a make-up test.

Randall is outgoing, isn't he?


Excuse me!

Tell Brett that I was just joking.

I need new shoes.

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They are fairy tales for children.

The question is how we will bell the cat.

My cousin suffers from osteoporosis.

I just wanted it to be done.

I'm at the north gate.


No was hoping he could learn how to live off the land.

Six hundred thousand men were killed or wounded.

A straight line is a trivial example of a curve.

We've got to get help.

I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.


I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go out.

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Thirteen were killed.

June fifth is World Environment Day.

Have you still not finished your meal?


You expect me to believe that?


How can it be?

Keep calm and be mature!

Our supplies won't last forever.


Call a taxi in the morning, please.

Martine had been working for a local TV channel while her husband was completing a PhD in psychology.

We have to be respectful to our seniors.

I'm sorry. I should have called first.

Nguyen was very contrite.

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Omar couldn't help overhearing what Toerless said to John.

Where's the fun in that?

Heidi is in a meeting, but Sandy's in her office.

How long have you been chasing Deb?

I'd be happy if I was healthy.

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Someone's waiting in the lobby.


Dan posed as Linda's husband.

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Why do you want Esperanto to become a lingua franca while you continue to communicate in English?

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I can't convince her.


You frightened him.

Philadelphia's nickname, "the City of Brotherly Love," is simply a translation from the Greek roots of the city's name.

Dylan didn't hesitate.


Melinda thought I was serious.

Bruno was a good sport about it.

You can't trust anyone.


You were magnificent.


Cristopher has got to take that risk.


His family moved into a new house in the suburbs.

You're too young to remember the nineties.

Where's your better half?

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Time for action!


Kiki asked me where I was going.

Galen has some good news.

I wanted to catch the bird, but I found it too difficult.

I'm a free man, Dan.

This mystery is solved.

Autumn changed into winter.

Vassos is a narcissist and a sociopath.

They don't want us to see what they're doing.

My sister and her boyfriend are going to get married next year.


Don't laugh with your mouth open.

Liyuan can't make up his mind.

You have to tell me exactly what I need to do.

How much did you say this cost?

If only I hadn't been in such a hurry!

We have everything we need now.

The red dress suited her.

There are many people in the park.

I'd like to borrow some books to take to Jiri in the hospital.


What's your favorite treat?

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He named the ship the Swallow.

I found out where Vicky used to live.

I had to arrest them.

Anything will be fine.

The real reason for Pascal liking stoats is simple: to Amy, having fun is the best thing in life to be doing, and since stoats are the funniest creatures ever, he likes them most of all.

Collin ate the last slice of bread so Kristi had nothing to eat.

Blake didn't want to believe the rumor about Rodger and John.