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BMW delivers the innovation, quality and efficiency which are the vehicle’s maintenance cornerstones. And these are made available to you today and tomorrow. There are innovative, driver focused and convenient features developed by our engineers even before the model enters production. This ensures your car working day after day and years after years. This is done by uncompromising with your driving experience by providing you a first in class experience.


According to the Condition Based Service (CBS) system, BMW Maintenance Programme covers all the recommended factors. BMW exceeds its wear limits by providing the wear and tear additional items which are not covered under the original new vehicle warranty such as the brake rotors, brake pads and wiper blade inserts. We also include any application adjustments required due to the operating system.


The BMW quality standards are strictly followed while performing the BMW body works. This is highly qualified by the BMW service experts. In order to return your BMW in a top form after a damage, it requires the combination of expert craftsmanship and innovative technology. The repair shop can guarantee you with your perfect dream car back by successfully passing all the crash tests. It helps you restore your car to an original level with assured safety, comfort and performance.


BMW ensures that the wheels , chassis and tyres are aligned exactly and smoothly. It follows the strict BMW quality standard of featuring a quality mark on each tyre. The wheels and tyres portfolio consists of maintenance, storage and testing changes . You will always be impressed with the first class products if you are looking out for new wheel, new spare tyre and sets of tyres or any of the general services.

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   Whether comfort, sporty, compact or luxury : You can discover the all new diversity with the BMW models and let all these innovative techniques win over you.
   BMW is undoubtedly the fascinating dream car. The success of BMW is based on long term responsible and thinking action. Throughout the value chain it has established a social and ecological sustainability. The integral strategy of BMW is based on a clear commitment of conserving resources and comprehensive product responsibility.