Stephanie told Ron she shouldn't do what she was doing.

Sri never gave me a hard time.

Just do your best, OK?

She's a great girl.

Please knock before entering.

I was harried by mosquitoes last night.

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It is no use trying to escape.


Since when do you care about what happens to us?

Try to see things as they really are.

I used to be poor.

I'll have another beer.

Is Leo on board?

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What's the best way to contact you?

Tell them this is hopeless.

It was so thrilling and real fun.

They haven't called.

She hates me.

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Beverly knew better than to ask Kate what she thought.

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What a haughty fellow he is!

I don't think I can move to Boston.

Maybe Mariou will help us find Gary.

The mountainside was ablaze with the autumn colors of the trees.

Take off your coat.

The most important thing about relations with the opposite sex is not how good the other person is, but that they treat you well.

We need to get something done.


The recipe calls for four ripe tomatoes.

I said it three times.

Hello, what's your name?


I don't want him to forget.

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But Tatoeba Project is not a word heaven. Please stop adding words.

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South Africa is called "Suid-Afrika" in Afrikaans.

Attendance is compulsory for all members.

Do you know what Wes is up to?

I think we're almost done.

Don't mess around!

Kieran has had eight jobs in ten years.

There's more to life than just getting rich.


It's better to drink in moderation.

Sometimes, you must fail before you succeed.

It didn't surprise me at all that Dannie didn't do what he'd told Randy he was going to do.


That's fine!


Stuart walked back to his hotel.

We probably don't have enough time to finish doing that today.

Let me reassure you. I myself don't always understand what I've written.


It gets dark earlier and earlier.

I won't get in the way.

Mr. Koizumi talks endlessly without stopping.

He would often go fishing in the river.

I play the piano after supper.

No one saw a thing.

If you're at all wishy-washy during a negotiation the other side will pick up on it and get the upper hand.

I like going fast.

I would love to try that out.

Here, I got us a bottle of white wine.

Strict security measures were in force.

I think I have a lot of plaque build up.

I've read somewhere that it's not true.

Particles of dust float in the atmosphere.

He is careless about his clothes.

I got my meter repaired.

Tell Panacea how you're feeling.

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It's time for you to go.

I repeat it by way of caution.

Let's ask her something else.

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That was a nice speech.

I don't know whether he will agree to our plan or not.

I'll go tell Susan the good news.

Tao took the knife from Laurel.

They flattened his nose.

I could see caimans everywhere.

Are you paying attention?

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He had little experience with international issues.

Torsten wished he were better at swimming.

Give her everything we've got.

June plans to be in Boston next Monday.

I need to complete it as soon as possible.

I'm interested in improving my French.

Marvin isn't that old.

I knew I should've stayed at home.

Apple seeds are poisonous, but are only dangerous to health when consumed in large quantities.

Let's start with you.

Go ahead and start with anything you like.


There's no way Victoria can verify the information.

She was eyeing the girl's beautiful ring.

You missed your chance.


I always take a bus.

Marion felt invincible.

What pity is it that we can die but once to serve our country.

He gave me a ring at midnight.

I want tacos.

We're wasting ammunition.

Will you still be here next year?

Lois is looking out the window.

Jayant was a drug addict.


Merril, you've got to help me.


She was told to accompany me.

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Sharon didn't waste any time, did he?

I picked Bertrand up at school.

You must leave now.

Why did you tell this joke?

You hear about a lot of incidents these days that would be hard to dream up. It really backs up the old saying that fact is stranger than fiction.

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Kanthan kept talking about Norm.

Use of deadly force has been authorized.

Barrio is the happiest person I know.


He left his wife and his three children to live with another woman.

My husband earns $100,000 a year.

She has a dog and six cats.

I can't be a part of this.

This is foolish.

Let's concentrate on the job at hand.

He gave her a string of pearls worth $350,000.

I've been waiting for Gerald since 2:30.

He kissed my hand.


Many Japanese irises were flowering prettily on the lake's edge.

I was born and raised right here.

I talked on the telephone.


Maps were distributed to all the soldiers.

He sprained his knee during a volleyball match.

Only Mara can answer that.

Hey, where do you think you're going?

I don't want the money.

Internet is a vast network connecting innumerable computers on a world scale.

The light changed from red to green.

Population growth has given rise to serious social problems.

We heard him.

That's the number.

I forgot to turn on the boiler before taking a shower.

I often long to get away.

It's been a long time since he broke-up.

I assume that no one knows the answer.

He's not a good person.

The party set out for Kobe.

The hen's chicks are hatching.


A guy named Sekar asked me to help.

Where did you first meet?

He took the car on trial.

She has beautiful blue eyes.

Cole had absolutely no idea what to do.


All kinds of food and drink are delicious and good for you, but you have to know when, where, and in what quantity.

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Our school stands near the park.


I was here in 2013.

Susan Greene... are you Dutch?

Do you still want know why I'm going?


The plane exploded and plunged into the ocean, killing all the people on board.

He does not run.

I'll have it ready for you by tomorrow.

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You know, Hilda, Rainer thought the world of you.

He ended his life by jumping off the bridge.

I learned to live without her.

You look tired. You should rest a little.

Generosity is innate in some people.

We don't have enough money.

I hate terrorist organizations.

Don't stand next to the window.

I used to think Natraj was good-looking.

Shamim knows the capital of each state in the United States.

He has a good appetite this morning.

Give me the cheapest round trip flights from Indianapolis to Orlando around 25th December.

He yielded to pressure.

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Turpan is indeed very hot. Even the government is unable to control the temperature.


The reason I'm here is because I was asked to come.

I think we should tell her.

I don't know anything for sure.

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I said it was OK for him to go.

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Her dress was a cheap one.