He must have gone to see his old friend.

How do you tell each other apart?

The country's main social problem is poverty.

For some reason, her husband seemed to dislike that she spoke of me. In truth, she talked too much about me.

You're too beautiful.

Is it really possible?

I told you Reid was busy.

I thought my head would explode.

Charles said we needed to leave at once.

I haven't been lucky in this town.

He lost his balance and fell down.

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You don't know how to do it, do you?

Elvis took off his shoes.

When you go to Boston, where do you stay?


The police detective found a bloody knife.

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Stop screaming in my ears.

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My jokes didn't make anyone laugh.


Did you see his face?


The man is driving a car.

We weren't tired at all.

John suddenly realized he was in danger.

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It doesn't matter if you have received schooling or not.

Much like Nigeria, the Philippines was considered to be in the periphery of the Anglosphere.

Welcome to our house.

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Please let me handle this.


Everything was taken from us.

Who's that talking to Pablo?

He can no longer wait.

May I go to the toilet?

Is the system linear?

People have been injured.

I don't want to cry.

They're all thieves.

"Known" is the opposite of "unknown".

I found Hy's secret hiding place.

Tell Israel I don't want to eat at that restaurant.

Please fill out this questionnaire and send it to us.

This artist died young.

I came to look at the cherry blossoms.

Actually, it's my job.

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I have an even better idea.

We aren't being much help to Troy.

Of the bad one always hears more than of the good.

Let's sit up front.

It hardly ever rains there.

Our breath has sufficed only this far.

I found the picture you were looking for.

Jiri's answer was very evasive.

It may, indeed, be a mistake.

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Be respectful.

It still works like new.

Juan wants to set up a meeting.

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I don't really use Facebook that much.


Could you please move out of my way?

I have no talent for politics.

The movie was a real disappointment.

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This is total nonsense.

Of course, Sunil doesn't mean that.

He was wise enough to take her advice.

It's a custom to celebrate Christmas.

I made her a doll.

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I've already told you what I think.

Does it bother you if I smoke?

These men had come to his country in three ships.


Shuvra bought a camera from Shean.

Everyone must die.

That's all for now, or should I say 'that's a wrap'!

Dylan asked Paula to wait for him in front of the library.

I will go to Ireland this summer.

Dan carried the bag on his shoulder.

How did your plans to move to Boston work out?


He treats his employees well.


Give us all of your money.

Max couldn't find a job he liked in Boston, so he moved to Chicago.

He is by far the cleverest student in the class.


Daren seems interested.

Jamie narrowly escapes with his life.

All the house was asleep, and the fire burning low, when, from far up the chimney, came down a "Ho! ho!".

During the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, the height of the tsunami waves reached up to 37.9 meters.

He's sitting in the meeting room.

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I told Anatoly I was going to handle it.

I confirm you my presence.

He said that because he was tired, he'd go home early.


The woman hugged the baby.

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Jim didn't have to go.

My brother is a college student.

Do it for yourself; not for someone else.

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There is no hope of his being alive.


Please take me to her.

I've heard from them.

I'm not sure I have enough time to clean my room before I go to school.

They're our clients.

Do you have any employees who speak French?

John is sure to succeed his father in the company.

I still have to mentally do the conversion from metric into imperial.

Are you questioning my judgment?

It's Carisa's house.

I'd like to know what I did wrong.

She was annoyed because she had been kept waiting.


One hour until the event.

Nobody doubts that Lowell is telling the truth, but her way of speaking makes people uncomfortable.

Does Spike really expect me to believe that?

Why are we still talking about this?

The Mongol hordes wiped out everything in their path.

I didn't tell you to sit.

They were schoolchildren then.

Esperanto congresses are very useful.

Mr Brown is jealous of his colleague's success.

The chance of rain is low.

I never had to order Shel to do anything.

I was annoyed at his behavior.

I shouldn't have trusted her.

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I can always go back to school.

I help them almost every day.

Sonja can swim.


He felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Rick died a quick death.

This winter began with an unprecedented amount of snow.

I'll thank you for some more tea.

Please bill us separately.

I often experience palpitations of the heart.

The length of the frost-free season (and the corresponding growing season) has been increasing nationally since the 1980s, with the largest increases occurring in the western United States, affecting ecosystems and agriculture. Across the United States, the growing season is projected to continue to lengthen.

Is there anyone here who hasn't been to Boston?

Can you take me to them?


We can add milk to this coffee.

Boyce slept peacefully as the underground train rattled on its way.

I suppose this car has cost you an arm and a leg.

I wanted to warn her.

Jong has credibility problems.

We plan to have an old-fashioned Christmas dinner.

I was completely taken aback by her reasoning.

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I don't need your praise.


Why are people afraid of them?

Tell Sean what you heard.

Carlo chaired the meeting.

The light travels at about 186,000 miles a second.

She wanted an economy car.


Susanne has information that The needs.

I saw it on the news.

Were you born in Boston?

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The man who is standing there is my father.

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Tareq and Loyd were both sleepy.

I don't need to eat in a restaurant.

"Where is her book?" "It's on the table."

Ro never hurt anybody.

I think this lamp has a short because the light comes on only if I jiggle the cord.

Francis has been out in the sun too long.

Geoff is always spacing out in class.


This isn't for sale at any price.


I want nothing from you.

You needed money, didn't you?

I'll have to mention it to them.

Erik drank a couple of shots of tequila.

I think I've figured out how to fix this.

I don't have a cent.

I told you I loved you.

I am forever busy.

There's no point in going to the beach if it's going to rain.

No one expected that to happen.

Hardly had the teacher entered the room when we stopped chatting.

Keep the faith alive!

I'm so glad you said that.


Here or to go?