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Want to see how you can track your fleet, minimize fuel & improve efficiency?

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Specialists in Advanced Telematics & Coupling

Data InTrans utilizes some of the most advanced tracking devices available, coupled with highly advanced infrastructure services. We‘re at the leading edge of data collection and storage advancements. Our technology is able to provide an outstanding array of sophisticated reporting and integration, to fulfil your most demanding requirements.

Advanced Telematics

Data inTrans advanced fleet management solution, uses multi-source data to enhance your business intelligence.

Advanced Telematics

Data Intrans offer multiple telematics solutions – Intrans Lite and Intrans Advanced.

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Trailer Check

Trailer Check is designed to assist drivers with correct coupling between a prime mover and semi-trailer.

Trailer Check

Trailer Check is a patented safety system, designed to assist drivers with correct coupling between prime mover and semi-trailer.

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Benefits of Our Solutions

Data inTrans is a technically advanced telematics and sensor coupling system provider to the transport
industry, continually striving to be the best in the industry.