That person yonder will run.

Kristin jumped out of the blazing plane.

You told me that you were tired.

I just don't really understand.

I'm getting curious.


You don't have to pay for it, that's for free.

That's basically what we want.

I'm sitting here with Dannie.

It was not until I left school that I realized the importance of study.

The charity is named after a man who gave away some two billion yen.

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You should always keep your room clean.

Near the bed, the composite aluminium robot, with a human shape and with a rubber skin, cleverly painted to resemble human skin, glued to its body, was standing naked.

I can play tennis.

Dan asked fellow inmate Matt to supply him with a fork.

I wish you a good trip.


I think Elvis is nice.

Mark wanted to hire a detective.

Adam hugged Kees from behind.


Who will go get the pide?

It's the same hat.

Four is an unlucky number in Japanese.


Adrian is afraid of his father.

If you don't care for Carolyn, don't toy with his affections.

His 81-year-old grandfather is proud of him.


Pigs cannot run the nations.

It's no different anywhere else.

Kanthan is introverted and shy.


Coleen yelled at me for no reason.

Christian should take an umbrella because it looks like rain.

The huge building seemed to touch the sky.


I only hear you complain! Perhaps you can't do anything else?


This dog is more attached to us than this cat.

I'm trying to calm her down.

What do you want for the second course?

Norman might be able to fix that.

You're running short of time.


Cristopher has it made.

Pierce threw up before the play because she was so nervous.

Dan allowed the police to search his home.

He went for a walk with her this morning.

I learned many of Takuboku's poems by heart.

She understands English and even writes in English.

Markus died recently.

Just look at what your dog has done.

Yes, so?


Deb answered the question correctly.

Barrett sensed someone was behind him and turned to see who it was.

We shouldn't look down on other people.

I don't know what I can do to help.

It was love at first sight when you met her?

Susanne looked real scared.

I wish more people would recycle.


Driving on an icy street is a dangerous business.

Valeria and Roderick invited John to their party.

I wish my venture would work out.

Please read my reply carefully.

I managed to finish the book.


Read the text carefully, then answer the questions.

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She made a trip to Europe last month.


Everyone can live peacefully.

I go to bed at 10 p.m.

I understand what you mean.


She bought a couple of boots.

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The district attorney wasn't content with a two-year sentence.

Debbie bumped into Phillip the other day at the supermarket.

Dan jumped onto the roof of a passing train.

I think I'm sick.

I told you I don't know Teri.


I was as surprised by Betsy's death as you were.

What do think of that new restaurant?

Rock and roll was a creation of the young generation.


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

He quit school last week.

This could be important.

I come home at two thirty.

They're on the eighth floor.

It is I that am bad.

Who's coming to dinner?

I lived in Algiers for over a year.

I have no reason not to trust her.


Everyone knows Mr Hashimoto.


Don't forget them.

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Everything is connected to everything else.

I tried to call her back.

Please sit according to your number.

The propeller acts like a rotating wing creating a lift force by moving through the air.

He was made to wait at the station for two hours.

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Have you tried restarting your router?

Guillermo certainly has the right credentials.

I'm watching figure skating.

He speaks French fluently.

Nobody really believed what Lum said.


She'll be planting roses when he comes.

We know what you're looking for.

Alex survived three shipwrecks.


You have to audition to join the choir.

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I have to win.


The fire has gone out.

I told him you were hungry.

I didn't want to die.


The Shinkansen from Hakata pulled in just on time.

If I had known, I would have told you.

Are you sure we haven't met?

Don't mind Sergei.

I didn't want to humiliate you.

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Her eyes gushed with tears.


Lady Gaga has ridiculous dress.


I swim in the sea every day.

Irvin is going to jump.

Please be brief.

Jarvis plans to move to Boston before the end of the month.

It wasn't a pretty sight.

I saw him cross the street.

I hold Sharon in the basement and rape her every day.

Those men are armed to the teeth.

Rodger and Wilmer are always careful.

I hope we didn't wake you.

That man ruined them completely.

Ira said he wanted to drop in on some old friends while he was in Boston.

Johan leaned back and stared at the ceiling.

His sense of humor was self-deprecating, a sign of his low self-esteem.

She is always complaining of one thing or another.

Mother's illness kept her at home yesterday.

I wasn't honest with him.

All of us like her.

We'll eat as soon as Robin gets here.

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What if it continued for ever?

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I had to stoop to go into the room.


You don't even know what it was about.

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Stephan is one of Sandy's friends.

I want to be involved.

You'll be happy again.

Their trip in 1903 lasted 63 days.

Kevin lost his money, his family and his friends.


I don't see what else we can do.

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Don't go, my dears.

Unicode 6.2 has 110 182 glyphs and 100 scripts.

Kusum knows how to speak French.

I want the class to be silent.

You had better try buttering him up first.

Mr. Yamada gives us a lot of homework every day.

A puff of wind came and blew Curdken's hat far away.

I need about twenty minutes to organize my morning.

I learned today that Luka doesn't like me. Do you know why?


Give me the equivalent in dollars.


That child grew a lot in a short amount of time.

I can only wait.

Everything stopped.

I spilled coffee on your tablecloth.

Let the tea sit a while before you drink it.

I bit into my sandwich.

Don't try to deceive us.


I can't stop you.


They were both so charming, and they loved each other so much, that every one was delighted at the match.

I took a cab to the station.

Barbara is a big baby.

It's very hard getting a taxi in this city.

There's only rubbish on the radio.