What about going out for a drink this evening?

I'll meet Lanny tomorrow at 2:30.


Dennis was going to shoot me.


Did Jorge bribe Mitchell?

The derivatives of space with respect to time are velocity, acceleration, and jerk.

I had some problems.


The hotel has an air of luxury.

I'd like to see you try it.

Dan gave the detective an account of his activities that day.


The shop is closed at nine every evening.


There are many people in the world who complain that they are too busy to read.


What's the go for the afternoon?

Do you know him that much?

My sword may be blunt, but that's more than enough for someone like you.

I'd like to believe only good things about her, but her behaviour is really rude indeed.

Have you read the "Liaisons Dangereuses"?

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I think Lievaart is here.


My meeting her at the station was a pure accident.

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There has to be a satisfactory solution to the problem.


For years, Siping suffered from migraine headaches.

We have a right to defend ourselves.

Les was a drug dealer.

I want to get these things done as quickly as possible.

"I have no idea," she said honestly.


I'd love it if somebody did that.

It was really a lot of fun.

Put your hat back on.

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Hares have long ears.

She didn't intend to let him kiss her.

Japan is on the 135th meridian East.

Susan and Bob have flown from London to Sydney, Australia.

I don't want to talk about that.

It was foolish of him to waste his money on such trifles.

We'll wait for the signal.

Music is considered food for the soul.

I'm not letting you go by yourself.


Raanan grabbed a chair and sat down.

What is this fish called in English?

Stevan has nobody to talk with, but she doesn't feel lonely.

Gretchen is feeling a little low.

You had better get this letter registered for fear it should be lost.


I don't have the option.


I wish I could talk to them.

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He is American to the soles of his feet.

It's his, innit?

Who do you think will win the gold medal?

He is generous to excess.

I'm really looking forward to my birthday party.

Do your own thing.

Adil likes anthropology.


She put on an assumption of ignorance.


Bart can hear you.

I know how you felt about him.

Mechael has a deadline to meet.

All my neighbors are very friendly.

Does anyone else use your account?


Loosen your tie.

It will be cold.

What is that?

Could you keep an eye on her?

I think I was in love with her.

Cardboard is well suited for making model houses.

I tried to convince him.

They are all special.

Gordon swims pretty well.


Poland is called "Polska" in Polish.

Why do you hate James so much?

The chill of coming winter discouraged our picnic.

Caroline won't be able to handle this job.

It was not very cold yesterday.

Time is the sin of eternity.

Naresh opened the picnic basket and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich.

Isn't that your car, Jochen?

He objected to our plan.


I'm used to staying up late at night.

Most of the damage to the car is on the passenger's side.

I can live with myself.

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Your story wasn't very scary.


I'm sure Bryan is disappointed.

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Toby doesn't like beer.

I feel very tired.

I'm going to go out and get us something to eat.


That tape recorder recorded his voice.


Many students compete to get into the best universities.

Jeff whispered something in Laurie's ear.

I leave in three days.

You need to be there for Albert.

Rik doesn't doubt Seth's ability to do the job.

Arguing with a woman is about as fruitful as scooping up water with a sieve.

Justin and Rik rolled around in the grass.


Can you give me something to kill the pain?

Imported cars account for less than eight percent.

I sensed the awkwardness in the room.

The teacher is angry, so please do not make noise in the classroom!

I'll drop by the post office on the way home.


Bonnie set his beer down.

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I'll do everything I can.

Did you actually see something?

Did you sleep OK?

I'm tired of watching television.

How many hours a day does she spend in the kitchen?

I can't stand this cold.

Hmm, did we have some breadcrumbs?

Izumi ruined me.

Ralf eats almost anything.

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I really hate them.

They were speaking German.

This is no big deal.


I feel better than ever.


I just want to get out of here as quickly as I can.

I can't find Hsuan. He hasn't already gone and left, has he?

How did you help her?

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He annoys me with questions.


I probably won't read Izchak's report.

He seems not to have known it.

I can only pay 100 dollars at most.


We went to Boston to visit her.

I decided to tell the truth.

I am certain that you have noble thoughts.


You should eat something.

Cynthia had difficulty doing that.

Esperanto - for you to understand the world.

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I was offended at his behavior.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

How much is this handkerchief?

My friend George is coming to Japan this spring.

The curfew is at 10 pm.

I leave uncultivated today, was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow which person of the body implored.

Elaine didn't like the taste much.

You are as guilty as he is.

Ramon is really good at memorizing songs.

I'm getting used to working the night shift.

A blonde girl is coming to meet him.

Shuvra is the guy that Johnny is interested in.

Now it's time to say good night.

You forgot my birthday.

Who can I call to fix my leaky ceiling?

I think it's a warning.

Could I change my appointment to 10:30 a.m.?


I don't want Teriann to see that.

His dream has finally come true.

Have you been to London before?

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What lovely flowers these are!

I just want to know.

He crushed his enemies.

She may have said so.

They caught me by surprise.

I didn't feel like calling them.

Nobody was expecting that.

Monty's father is Canadian and his mother is Japanese.

It is not easy to catch a hare with your bare hands.

Irving found Trevor irresistible.

It doesn't look like anyone's been in this room for years.

Near the door, an elaborate metal robot -- a robot designed to keep away intruders, was standing coldly.

I've seen them do it before.

There may be something wrong with you.

It is inconceivable to me that he would do such a thing.

Some people think the government has way too much power.

He told her firmly to realize how serious her condition was.

She asked him to give her some money.

Alison dashed after Murray.